when to start dispelling your kids so this is hard one my youngest is 17 months and I started disciplining him around one bur i fear i have started to late the thing about this is no matter where you look or what you do someone somewhere will tell you your doing wrong , so just remember what ever you do is up to you not friends and family its your baby it your choice when to start discipling

so we’ve all been shopping and seen the toddler have the tantrum kicking and screaming with a worried looking parent, as everyone stares them.

we’ve all scarcely disused them said we wont be that family with spoilt brat in the toy section  but when it happens it comes out of know and suddenly you are that parent- the one falling trying to figer out what to do but the truth is  we all have discipline issues at every ages and its uo to us to work out how to sort it

so why is discipline such an issue because it like to on the edge of cliff and what ever you seems to tip you the wrong way on one hand you don’t want to be the nazi parent with kids scared to step foot out of line but you don’t want a spoilt brat plus it feels like you got please everyone even people you don’t know i mean you could easily walk away from the child having the tantrum but you just know everyone will look you.

we need to find a happy middle where our kids will grow up to be happy respectful . caring people and well behaved

lavish in love  

for all age

wonder there you giving in picking your baby up for the 100th time is it time to et the limiters?

well the experts say no

“responding to your baby’s needs wont make him spoilt or over demanding as baby’s they need to loved”   

your baby is developing trust in you and dose this but knowing you will meet his needs and take his wants seriously so when it comes to discipling them in the long run they still trust you and know you love them

remove and substitute

when your baby is grabbing for something dangerous  its not annoy you but  to find out what will happen he is curious that said you don’t have to stand by while your toddler dose something you don’t like. simply take the object away or physically remove you baby. substituted it with something else that will prevent a melt down

make sure your explaining to your child why your doing this even if their to young to understand


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