pregnant women paid to stop smoking

the idea was posted Wednesday  in the British medical journal by researchers who conducted the test in Glasgow in which a group of women who smoked as offered vouchers to quit  after a year 15% stayed of the fags compared to 4% who had stranded NHS treatment

while i do agree 15% is no where near a convincing result as pointed out by the researchers 5,000 fetus and baby’s die each year in the uk costing over tens of millions

but i do fear the workshy people seeing this as a way to make money by turning  up to their fist midwife appointment stinking of fags and whats to stop them from starting again after nine months

and what about this message we seem to love to send out the more you misbehave the more you get treated if we are paying people to do the moral thing then we loss the fact of doing for doing good because people wont want to behave unless they are getting paid for it

maybe the right way to go would be to punish those who do wrong you continue to smoke housing benefit will stop as the state dose not sponsor this damage. things like tax’s go up as well for the working.

although its all well and good saying these thing it clear what ever happens nobody will agree so lets just see what happens in the near future and that it brings the best to people


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